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As a Real Estate agent, the last thing you want to see is that your hard worked contract fall apart because of stucco issues.  So, you owe it to yourself to insure that the house you have under contract gets inspected and or repaired by a reputable company.  You don’t want to trust an out of state company that uses local sub-contractors that are working out of their houses and are here today and gone tomorrow. 

SIR Inc. has been in business here in Alpharetta for over 18 years.  We have provided services to over 10,000 homes and have performed well over 13,000 stucco inspections.  We are the largest stucco Inspection and Repair Company in Southeast and most of our business is through referrals and repeat customers.  We offer a Stucco Moisture Guarantee which was invented by SIR Inc. in 1998. It has been providing peace of mind for stucco home owners across the southeast. The SMG program covers your property against water intrusion through your EIFS or Hard coat cladding system.  It provides repair (free of charge) of your client’s home, including any framing damages that was caused by moisture intrusion through the cladding system.  All work is performed by SIR qualified Technicians.

SIR Inc. assisted over 900 Real Estate agents in Georgia and Alabama.  These transactions involved homes with stucco cladding exterior systems of various kinds.  We provided inspection services, repair services, or Stucco Guarantee to our customers.  Call us today so that we may provide you a list of references, perhaps in your own office.

We thank you for your business in the past and appreciate your time and opportunity to service your clients in the future.