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During your home stucco inspection, our inspectors not only scan your house for elevated moisture, but they also look for good building practices to insure that your house stays dry in the future.  Some of the most common items our inspectors look for are shown below.

We hope you find SIR Inspection protocol simple and useful. Our goal is to educate you as much as possible on simple maintenance steps you can take as the homeowner to keep your home dry and beautiful for years to come.

In the pictures below you can see some of the equipment used by our professional inspectors.  We are also sharing with you some of the typical items that our inspectors examine during the Stucco Moisture Inspection.  Items below are not intended to be a complete list, but rather a sample of what our inspectors look for during a typical stucco moisture test.

Tramex wet wall detectorDelmhurst BD2100 probe
Rotted window / door frameRotted window / door frame
Missing Kickout FlashingIncorrect flashing installation
Stucco cracking and failureVisible holes
Visible rust marks and holesmissing dripcap flashing
Termite ActivityGutters are full
Lack of sealant - light fixturesLoose vent